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Scynce user for 3 years

Name: LostLeaf (Matt, CEO)
Location: Michigan, USA
License: Class A Medical
Grow style: Craft Cannabis - Indoor Vertical
Focus: Facility Efficiency and Product Quality
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Our story:

A constant pursuit of progress and never settling for stagnancy is what defines our team.

We are constantly evolving with this industry and as we learn new methods and approaches to growing we experiment to see if it's worth it and then we implement at scale. In the commercial cannabis cultivation industry the main focus is on yield, which is completely understandable, but we like to look past that.

We believe efficiency will determine the overall success of a cultivation facility in the future.

When we were building out our small Class A medical marijuana facility we were told that the minimum cost to get a facility up and running would be 1 million dollars, I proved that wrong, we ended up spending half of that and absolutely maximized a 1000sq foot building, transforming what used to be a small engine repair shop into a highly efficient vertically stacked cannabis cultivation facility.

My partner Luke and I did the bulk of the work ourselves so we know the building inside and out, I also own 51% of the company so when things don't go exactly as planned we will not be forced to adhere to an investor's requests to cut corners to maximize profits and end up sacrifice quality while doing so.

What's the diff:

We are a craft cannabis facility and we always will be, ever since I started growing 8 years ago I put an emphasis on quality and presentation and we plan to see that through as this company continues to grow. We use growing techniques that push the limits of resin and terpene production in the plant to ensure we are getting the most out of each cultivar while also pushing processes that will maximize the yield and overheads to make the process incredibly efficient as well. The bulk of how we accomplish this is with targeted spectral processes like cryptochrome signaling, emerson effect and phytochrome transition period, as well as focusing on running a DLI of around 35 to ensure that the intensity of the light is not degrading precious trichomes and terpenes while still providing the plant with the light it needs to achieve the desired yield.

Why Scynce LED:

Scynce LED understands that spectral tuning is the future. We have seen firsthand that we can have a distinct advantage in the market by utilizing these spectral processes. Scynce has also been completely transparent with us when it comes to the data which is incredibly important in this day and age when there are so many companies using sub par diodes and claiming high umol/j numbers.  We are currently using the Raging Kale units in veg and the Raging Kush units in flower, we only have 8 foot ceilings and we were able to stack our veg 3 tiers high with two raging kales over a 4x4, 2 tiers in flower with one raging kush over a 4x4.  The efficiency is ridiculous we are able to run the raging kales at 25% power while still getting the stacking in veg we are looking for due to the blues, and we max out power in the flower room at 80%, the entire building is 1000sq foot and we are able to run 600sq foot of canopy with a trim/nutrient room and dry room as well. We absolutely love the ease of setup and spectral control with the Theia app and the insane penetration into the canopy with the Conic 120 optics. We believe these lights are the best on the market for vertical farms because you can tailor the spectrum to get the structure you are looking for and ensure that you can maximize each cultivar while still fitting the plants into a vertically stacked space.

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