Dragon S Turbo

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The DRAGON S turbo, is a high output home grower or small commercial veg to flowering light. With 450 watts of power harnessed by our patented optical system, it projects more light onto and into the plant canopy than LEDs ever have before. The S turbo utilizes active cooling with specialized exhaust chambers that help promote transpiration while light is projected with unparralelled eveness, leaving all your plants happy and healthy.

DIMENSIONS: 26.5” x 7” x 5”
POWER: 450w
SPECTRUM: Full spectrum white (cool & warm) with both deep & far red
SECONDARY OPTICS: patented 120° lenses


4 customer reviews “Dragon S Turbo

  1. This little light is an awesome product. I own a couple of Scynce products and they are excellent lights that just grow my plants wonderfully! The Turbo S is a beast and it has an azing ability like with all there lights you can custom tune the spectrum. The app provides a way to link any other existing scynce lights together so the run
    completely sinked, also has built in timer so you can set the light to do whatever you want whenever you want it to do it! This is my third grow now with this actual unit and I could not be happier. As an ending comment the fit and finish is amazing and the light is extremely dependable I really love this product.

  2. This is the most amazing light I’ve got the pleasure to work with. Put together a simple sunrise sunset recipe. First run made the best flowers I have ever grown and have been complemented a few times that it is nicest that has been had or seen in a while. Thank you scynce so much for your support and amazing products , Nek

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