Dragon SL (Scratch & Dent)




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The DRAGON SL is our flagship, high output, small footprint, indoor warehouse or greenhouse solution. With 600 watts of power harnessed by our patented optical system, it projects more light onto and into the plant canopy than LEDs ever have before. The SL utilizes active cooling with specialized patent-pending exhaust chambers that help promote transpiration while directing the heat away from your plants. Its waterproof housing allows it to perform year-in and year-out no matter the environment you need it to operate in.

DIMENSIONS: 48” x 7” x 5”
POWER: 600w
SPECTRUM:Full spectrum white (cool & warm) with both deep & far red
SECONDARY OPTICS: patented 120° lenses

DISCLAIMER: Scratch & Dent and Refurbished products are all protected by Scynce’s standard warranty terms with the exception that the length of the warranty is reduced to three (3) years. Scratch & Dent models may have any number of different physical damages from scratches, dents, discoloration of metal, incorrect or damaged labels, buckling of metal or other superficial ailments. Refurbished products may have the same physical damages as the Scratch & Dent lights do and have also been used for up to 3 grow cycles. Refurbished models have been disassembled and cleaned in accordance with our disinfecting protocol utilizing a hydrogen peroxide and vinegar solution to guarantee all pathogens have been killed/eliminated. Both types of lights are guaranteed to work perfectly which is why they are backed by a full three (3) year warranty. You, the buyer, agree and understand that the reduced price on these products is reflective of the aforementioned superficial flaws and/or previous usage of the lighting fixtures. Returns will not be accepted for reasons based on items listed in this disclaimer.


Additional information

Input Range

110-277v (347-480v optional)

Standard Plug Type

Nema 6/15 (220v)

Plug option

110v Adapter (Nema 5/15), Standard 220v (Nema 6/15)

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