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Full Power Spectrum Tuning II

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When growing any plant, there are very few variables that cultivators have at their disposal to affect the way a plant grows. Some of these “tools in the toolbox” are water, temperature, humidity, CO2, nutrients, and LIGHT! Growers spend an immense amount of time and money fine tuning the first three, but very few do any kind of light manipulation, especially when it comes to spectrum tuning. Traditional HID lighting and broad spectrum LEDs have done a really good job, however there is definitely room for growth and improvement. Progress here will explode once lighting is demonstrably shown to be a variable that could be fine tuned to manipulate terpene profiles or enhance THC and other cannabinoids at the end of a cycle.

While we’re on the path halfway down this rabbit hole, let’s take it one step further. What if you could choose a “sunlight profile” from a given part of the globe? Growing an OG or Thai variety? Dial in a spectrum similar to the Kush mountain range of Northern Asia. Growing a Columbia or Panama variety? Utilize a spectrum more similar to the Equatorial region. Soon, it will be commonplace to bring Humboldt county sunlight right to your warehouse with a simple click of a button on your wireless control system.

This is finally possible thanks to full power spectrum tuning [FPST]. The Raging Kale by Scynce LED was the first light to utilize this cutting edge technology. The Kale is an early stage/veg light that allows for all 250 watts to be pushed into warm (2700K) white or cool (6500k) white, or any combination thereof. With the recent release of Scynce’s Dragon Alpha lighting fixture, now FPST is available in a flowering spectrum, giving cultivators complete spectral control at their fingertips. The Alpha has 600 watts of power that allows for a full 425w into either warm (2700K) white or cool (6500k) white, or any combination thereof, and 175 watts of either deep (660nm) red or far (720nm) red, or any combination thereof.

You might be asking, why would I want to do this and why should I care? Let’s walk through a real-life scenario where this would be inherently beneficial to any grow. As the sun tracks across the sky, changes to the spectrum are constantly happening throughout the day. Using the FPST technology with the Dragon Alpha would allow for a constant 600w output through the full grow day, no matter how the spectrum gets manipulated.


Wake up! (30 minutes)

This is the cryptochrome signaling phase where we wake up photoreceptors to promote stomatal activity, turn on transpiration and nutrient/water intake.

  • Slow transition from all cool white (6500k) at 50% power, and no discrete red, moving up to all cool white (6500k) at 100% power
  • Start at zero watts and finish at 425 watts and 750 PPFD


Sunrise (2 hours)

Simulates the spectral change from low early morning blue (cool white) light into full spectrum and intensity from the sun.

  • Slow transition to a 50/50 blend of cool/warm white (6500k/2700k) and a 70/30 blend of deep/far red (660nm/730nm).
  • Start at 425 watts and 750 PPFD and finish at 600 watts and 1040 PPFD




Daytime (7 hours)

Replicates the full power of the sun’s spectrum providing for optimal growth, minimizing the cool white spectrum while transitioning to warm white with a heavy red blend.

  • Slow transition to all warm white (2700k) and a 70/30 blend of deep/far-red (660nm/730nm).
  • Total of 600 watts and 1040 PPFD




Sunset (2 hours)

Simulates the sun’s fade at the end of the day, keeping a warm white balance with a shift from heavy 660nm to a dominate 730nm.

  • Slow transition to all warm white (2700k) at 50% power and a 30/70 blend of deep/far-red (660nm/730nm).
  • Start at 600 watts and 1040 PPFD and finish at 425 watts and 750 PPFD




Brush Your Teeth (30 minutes)

This is where we get the plants ready for sleepy time by having a naturally slow transition out of warm white light and into the far-red zone.

  • Slow transition to only far-red (730nm)
  • Start at 425 watts and 750 PPFD and finish at 175 watts and 275 PPFD




Go To Sleep! (15 minutes)

This is the phytochrome signaling phase where we put the plants to sleep, further promoting the continued development of THC and terpenes.

  • Slow transition, dim-to-off, of only far-red (730nm)
  • Start at 175 watts and 275 PPFD and finish at zero watts

Implementing a light recipe like this one minimizes light shock to your plants, and mimics the intensity and spectral shifts plants are used to seeing in nature. This is possible only with the full power spectrum tuning [FPST] capabilities that are unique to the Alpha.

It’s time to harness the true power of light in your cultivation and take back control of one of the most (arguably the most?) important variables available to growers.

Check out the Dragon Alpha: or watch this video

To learn more about full power spectrum tuning watch this video


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