“Say hello to Theia” …formerly known as the Greek goddess of heavenly light, she now lends her beauty and wisdom to Scynce’s lighting control app, making smart LED grow lights a reality.

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Is There An App For That?

Of course there is. Theia gives you complete control over all the lights in your facility. Now that’s smart!


Control the energy your light is emitting from 0-100% with dim-to-zero capabilities.


Design your own custom lighting experience with complete control over which color channels are on at what percentage.


Set the on/off time and add in features like a sunset & sunrise ramp.


Create and upload your own personal lighting recipes to give your plants exactly what they need.


Connect wirelessly through our mesh network to gain complete control over 1 or a group of 10,000 lights.

Wireless Installation Made Easy

The Theia app was designed with the grower in mind. It’s quick and easy to set up with intuitive buttons that let you quickly find what matters most. If there’s romance between light and crop, the Theia app would be the DJ.

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Get Out Your Cook Book

The Theia app gives you complete flexibility to design your own custom light recipes, save them to the cloud and deploy them as needed. Embrace your inner control freak!


Minimalistic, Intuitive and beautifully designed; the Theia app allows you to control exactly how and when light is delivered to your plants.

Scynce Led Light Grow Theia GoogleStore
Scynce Led Light Theia IOS Store
Theia App Video Screenshot ScynceLed


The world of wireless can be scary and confusing. There are so many myths and misunderstandings about how it works, what type of wireless radios are we using and what is its reliability. We answer all of these questions (and more!) in under five minutes.

Scynce Led Light Theia Echo Tempo Wireless


The Echo wireless control hub seamlessly links your existing environmental control system with your Scynce LED lights. With the ability to take five 0-10v inputs, the Echo will wirelessly relay the dimming or spectrum control commands to the lights. Simple, fast, and no additional infrastructure costs in running wires everywhere.

Whether you have a wired connection to systems like the TrolMaster Hydro X or need a custom API to integrate with systems like Argus, we’ve got you covered.

Theia Tempo

The Theia Tempo saves your bacon when you have an unforeseen power outage. With a built-in battery back up, your light recipes will be right on schedule, even if your power company can’t give you reliable service.

Scynce LED Theia Tempo. Wireless mesh control and synchronization
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