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Full Power Spectrum Tuning

Scynce Led Light Full Power Spectrum Tuning

We recently read on a forum that, “Spectrum tuning is a gimmick, if you want to change the color, you turn some knobs, yet you sacrifice total power (ouptut).”

Not anymore!

When growing any plant, there are very few variables that cultivators have at their disposal to effect the way a plant grows. Some of these “tools in the toolbox” are water, temperature, humidty, CO2, nutrients, and LIGHT! Growers spend an immense amount of time and money fine tuning water, air and nutrients, but very few growers do any kind of spectrum tuning. Traditional HID lighting and now broad spectrum LEDs are doing a good job, but just imagine if lighting was a variable you could fine tune to really get terpene profiles to pop or spike THC at the end of a cycle. Since we’re going down this rabbit hole, let’s take it one step further. What if you could choose a “sunlight” profile of a given part of the globe? Growing an OG or Thai variety, dial in a spectrum similar to the Kush mountain range. Growing a Columbia or Panama variety, utilize a spectrum more similar to the Equatorial region. Soon, it will be commonplace to bring Humboldt county sunlight right to your warehouse with a simple click of a button on your wireless control system.

In the past, if a master grower was interested in tuning the spectrum of light reaching plants, there were systems out there that allowed for it. It required changing out a bulb for a different Kelvin temperature, turning some knobs on each lighting fixture or a net loss of power output because you had to dim the undesired color channels. The only way to overcome this was to over-build the system and throw the proverbial kitchen sink at the problem. While there are systems out there that accommodated for this, they were research grade lights that were never made for or priced for the commercial market, until now.

The Raging Kale is the first commercially viable fixture that allows all of the power to be directed into any channel! Take a second to think about that and what you could do with it. That means that a 250 watt light with a single 250 watt power supply could be fully manipulated to push all of that power into the desired part of the light spectrum.

It is a well established fact that a higher blue content light in veg is good for stalk diameter and growing bushy plants with tight internodal spacing. The generally accepted light technology for mid cycle veg is a T5 fluorescent, HID or CMH which are all are blue and/or orange shifted lights. But, what if you could run a broad spectrum light for 2 weeks to get stretch, then back off the red for 2-3 weeks of veg to tightening up the internal node spacing, without ever sacrificing total output! Stretch the clones, then bulk before flower!

Using our patented technology, growers now have a cost viable, efficient solution that allows 100% of the power to be directed to any color channel, all wirelessly controlled and fully sealed from the elements to guarantee 5 years of zero maintenance.

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