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A Huge Milestone for Scynce

We have been looking for a partner in the research space to put our claims to data. Today, we have finally materialized our partnership with Utah State University’s Crop Physiology Laboratory.

“While we have been actively working with several enterprises, particularly in the cannabis arena, this is a unique opportunity to connect with an academic institution and to study our grow light technology on the development of multiple cultivars in a controlled environment,” commented Brent Perkins, President and CEO of Scynce LED. “We look forward to sharing these data and explaining their impact on plant morphology, cycle times and yield as it becomes available.”

“This partnership allows us to examine Scynce LED technology under laboratory conditions and examine the value of diffuse light to increase whole plant photosynthesis per photon,” added Bruce Bugbee, professor of crop physiology and head of the CPL.

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