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Standard LEDs vs Scynce LEDs Optics

Scynce Led Light Optics Comparison

Greetings, fellow growers. This is your Yield Scynce engineer and today I’m gonna be discussing the difference between standard LEDs and Scynce Optic LEDs.

Here’s a diagram of a standard LED:

Scynce Led Light Optics Comparison

The standard LED creates a light output known as Lambertian Pattern. What you see here is that there’s a hot spot directly underneath the diode. As you move further away from that diode, the light intensity decreases. #lightpattern

Scynce Led Light Standard Optics Comparison

When multiple standard LEDs are combined, what’s created is a series of hotspots across the canopy, never truly achieving an even light distribution.

Scynce Led Light Array Mockup

This diagram exemplifies Scynce’s Proprietary Light Pattern. The dimpled optics push out the light intensity at a high angle, in a 360 degree fashion, resulting in no hot spots.

#patented & #proprietary

Scynce Led Light Optics Comparison

This is a light output footprint of a single Scynce LED optic fixture. As you can see, when you move away from the light source, the light intensity actually increases.

Scynce Led Light Comparison

When an array of Scynce fixtures are employed in a commercial setting, our proprietary light pattern creates unparalleled distribution that penetrates deep into the canopy, turning what was once vacant real estate into highly productive space.

Scynce Led Light Standard Optics Comparison

In a marketplace saturated with standard bare LEDs, Scynce’s mission is to provide your grow with advanced LED technology that helps you Level Up and Grow Deep. This is your Yield Scynce Engineer signing out. Peace!

#levelup & #growdeep

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