Our activating recipe suggestions move away from a more seasonal holistic approach toward a single day lighting solution. Our favorite (and most tested!) is the “Combo with Sunrise/set.” It all starts with a 15 minute all cool cryptochrome wake up cycle to kick your stomata into gear while increasing transpiration to start the day moving. Next, a 45 minute sunrise introduces the rest of the spectrums in. After this brief transition, a full blast spectrum with 50/50 cool warm mix and a 80/20 split between 660nm and 730nm reds is where the plants will spend most of their day in order to maximize production. As the day winds down, we finish with a 45 minute sunset with a night cap of 15 minutes of pure 730nm phytochrome activation to push the plants to sleep faster.

Combo with sunrise/set

Dragon AlphaKush 2.0

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