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These are our “out of the box,” set it and forget it, tried and true spectrums. If your looking to bring the power of adaptable spectrum to your grow without the need or desire for experimentation, then these recipes are for you. Load ’em up, turn it on and walk away!

P.S. If you’re like us, adding a sunrise and sunset to your recipe is just what your plants need. So don’t fret, we already thought of this and it’s one of the options for you to download!

Veg Spectrum

The spectrum we have found that works the best during veg, for virtually all growing mediums, is a blue wave length favoring broad spectrum white light. It has just enough blue to trigger leaf growth and the right amount of red to stimulate root development.

Veg Spectrum ScynceLed

Flower Spectrum

This high growth spectrum is the perfect place to start with guaranteed success. It’s a broad spectrum white with spikes of deep blue and deep red, with just enough far red to activate the Emerson effect. Watch your nutrients on this one, it can make your girls hungry!

Flower Spectrum ScynceLed

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