Our activating recipe suggestions move away from a more seasonal holistic approach toward a single day lighting solution. Each one is designed to make you the artist, to give you a different paint brush. They’re nothing more than a new tool in your tool box. This is the true power of adaptable spectrum control. When we say that “Light is Magic” this is the reason why. Now you can wield the power of light and use it to maximize the expression of your plants.


Cryptochromes: are blue light photoreceptors that mediate blue light responses, including cotyledon expansion, membrane depolarization, stomatal activation, inhibition of petiole elongation, anthocyanin production and circadian clock regulation. These are best used at the start of a grow day but can be used anytime in the grow cycle.

Cryptochrome Spectrum ScynceLed


Phytochromes: The phytochrome system acts as a biological light switch. It monitors the level, intensity, duration and color of environmental light. The biologically inactive form of phytochrome (Pr) is converted to the biologically active form (Pfr) with red light. Far red light and darkness convert the (Pfr) back to the inactive form (Pr). Due to this process phytochromes are typically deployed at the end of the grow day to “put the plants to sleep” quicker. Best used in flowering but can be used to control morphology and growth in Veg.

Combo: with sunrise and sunset

The combo recipe is the culmination of all the research and tricks that Scynce LED is all about. With morning cryptochome activation and far red phytochrome activation at the end of the day, along with a sunrise and sunset, really shows off the full application of what the Raging Kush 2.0 and Dragon Alpha are truly capable of. This set of spectrums really brings out new and exciting expressions in your plants.

* Actual recipes are available in our control software, Theia

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