As we push forward with lighting its important to revisit the classics that got us here. Who knew that exploding gases could grow plants so well? When it’s time to update to a more efficient lighting environment yet you still love the growth style of these classic fixture, we have you covered. Get all the benefits of growing with an LED yet with the comfort of a spectrum that is tried and true.


The classic flowering spectrum! This spectrum brings you HPS style growth but in a more efficient form. With a heavier orange and red weighted spectrum, expect to see faster bud onset times and other morphological changes that you are used to, including the timing of these events. This spectrum makes it easy to switch over to LED without having to give up your proven growing style.

Emulations HPS Spectrum ScynceLed


CMH lighting showed up on the scene to fill a hole that HPS couldn’t cover. Filling in those blue spectrums that HPS didn’t have. It wasn’t the most efficient fix but it brought a new tool to growers. Most often used in veg, this light delivers compact internodes and robust leaf growth. While we push forward with lighting it’s important to revisit the classics that got us here.

Emulations CMH Spectrum ScynceLed

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