Morphology is manipulated with crop steering by utilizing vegetative and generative cues through the three main pillars of light, climate, and irrigation/nutrients. You can steer plants to produce bigger flowers and/or improve quality through any of these cues, however the use of light is the most powerful way to do this.

Compact & Bud Site Multipler

This cooler tilt of the spectrum has been shown to decease stretch and set more bud sites especially in high production environments. Best used in the flower cycle with high fertilization regimes.

Morphological Spectrum Compact and Bud ScynceLed

Stretch & Bud Onset

This warmer tilt of the spectrum has been shown to increase internode stretching and set flower sites earlier. Best used in the flower cycle with organic and lower input fertilization regimes.

Morphological Spectrum Stretch and Bud ScynceLed

* Actual recipes are available in from our control software, Theia

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