Vegetative Phase

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Weeks: Pre-Flower Development

Temp: 86-84f  Humidity: 70-75%  PPFD: 472  Wattage: 325 – Per Fixture

The Vegetative Phase mirrors the depth of the summer months in nature. Due to this mid summer approach, we aim to run longer photoperiods (18 hour minimums) with a balanced warm and cool spectrum. It’s during this stage that we are able to add specific wavelengths of light in order to decrease or increase internodal spacing dependent on what specific varieties we are working with. Weighing the spectrum heavier towards the cool side will tighten internodal spacing for varieties that tend to develop with great internodal stretch. Conversely, adding in warmer spectra, and in some instances red spectra on varieties notorious for tight internodal development, will help elongate that spacing. Establishing a strong and even canopy and root foundation prior to transitioning into the Flower Phases is the fundamental aspect of Veg.

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