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Our patented optics allow for deeper penetrating light,
promoting healthy and dense plants from root to canopy.


Introducing the new Dragon SL. It’s not just efficient, it puts more energy onto and into the canopy than any other light, watt-for-watt.


The Raging Kale is the first early-stage grow light that offers wireless spectrum tuning and delivers over 530 average PPFD at under 18 watts/sq.ft.


The Raging Kush is the only wirelessly controlled, spectrum tunable, three-bar vertical flowering light that pumps out an average 1,080 PPFD across the canopy.


From a customized shipping container to a retro-fitted 1980’s shopping mall to a converted tomato greenhouse, we have thoughtfully designed our grow lights to maximize yield in your specific environment.


“Our goal was to get 400 micromoles of supplemental light energy on the canopy from 8 feet up in our greenhouse. We had previously used another 650 watt LED to unsatisfactory results. Scynce let us test their Dragon XL1200 with 70 degree optics and achieved the light levels we needed with 55% less energy. We were blown away at how well these lights performed…”

William “Skeeter” Bethea

Chief Production Officer

Copperstate Farms

“After replacing my HPS with Dragon XL1200s I was surprised at how the light’s cooling fan added an incredible amount of airflow to the room. We turned off half the fans in our room for another unexpected cost savings!”
“The terpene profile and resin gland production is ridiculous under the Dragon XL1200 they are just oozing…pics don’t do it justice!”

Adrian Scheer

Mammoth Concentrates

Master Grower, B.C. Canada

“Scynce LED 1200 watt Dragon XL room update: 11 days into flower, almost halfway through the stretch, and still everything is doing very well. Lush and Perfect so far. Super excited to see how these flowers turn out. The #Fritter and #kushmints are loving these lights, along with all the other cookie cuts. Best part about this room, aside from how the plants look, is that I can easily cool 32,400 watts with 10 tons of AC while the weather outside is over 100 degrees.”


Consultant / Farmer / Horticulturalist / nurseryman

“Finally, an LED fixture that delivers on its promises. The Dragon XL is the first LED that has been able to deliver both the yields and quality as the industry standard 1000w DE HPS. Throughout our testing we have seen up to 25% increases in yields over traditional lighting technologies on specific strains. The sleek design coupled with its extreme output puts this fixture well ahead of the curve in the LED marketplace.”

Brian York

Director of Cultivation

AZ Natural Selections

“We ended up with just over 2.5 pounds per light when I usually only get around 2 lbs. with this strain. I had some power outages early on but believe I could’ve done 3+ lbs. per light if all went well and would put the Dragons up against any other light on the market.”

Adrian Scheer

Mammoth Concentrates

Master Grower, B.C. Canada

“After replacing our T5 fixtures with Scynce’s Dragon LP250s not only were we able to achieve a 40% reduction in power consumption, but we also observed faster more vigorous growth from our plants than those grown under the T5’s. Our company’s expectations were far exceeded with the extremely low profile design and its ability to deliver high intensity full spectrum output.”

Brian York

Director of Cultivation

AZ Natural Selections

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Our lights are
controlled by an app

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Control all
color spectrums

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We Guarantee
maintenance cost
for the first 5 years

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If you are ready to make the switch to LEDs, licensed commercial
grows can take advantage of our NO RISK light trial.



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