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Don't Give Up Control!

The last thing you should ever sacrifice is quality or quantity. If you don’t control all aspects of the light you are feeding your plants then you aren’t maximizing the potential value of your yields.


Optimize the expression of each cultivar.

Controlling the type (quality) of light your plants are receiving allows you to directly impact the production of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and overall quality.
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Enhance growth from roots to canopy.

Our patented optical technology targets the exact amount of light intensity (quantity) your plants need by delivering insanely even and deep penetrating light.
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Waterproof. Dust proof. Chemical proof.

Create a healthy and clean environment, without compromise, in order to stay pest free, mold free and to keep growing strong for years to come.
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Set it, forget it or keep on tweaking.

Complete control is always at your fingertips as you’re never further than a phone, a tablet or a computer away from adjusting your facility’s light recipes and grow schedules.
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Are you ready to take your facility to the next level?
Find out how to maximize yields with the power of light.

Raging Kush 2.0

Raging Kush 2.0

Helping Plants Express Who They Really Are

The Kush II was built for those who like to push the limits. It's full power spectrum tuning capability allows you to mimic almost any spectrum while maintaining over 1,000 PPFD at the canopy. It's time to unlock the true potential of what your plants can be when they grow up.

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Dragon Alpha

Dragon Alpha

Over 1,040 average PPFD at under 34 watts/sq.ft.

Enter the Dragon alpha. Improved efficiencies, a better optical delivery system and full-power spectrum tuning make this Dragon the dominant leader of the pack.

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Propagating to the finish line

The Raging Kale is a broad spectrum white light that allows for full control of the spectrum without any loss of power. Adapt the spectrum to whatever your current cycle demands.

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