Photobiology for plants in general is a young science and photobiology in cannabis is a brand new frontier. The recipes and photocell activations available to you in the new recipe sections have been tested by our research squad and the concepts are rooted in text book plant biology and horticulture best practices.

You are embarking on a journey that will take you to the front line of lighting concepts and manipulation of crops using wavelengths of light. When we push the boundaries of known science, it is inevitable that your results may vary depending on application, cultivar, plant type and a thousand other factors.

What we offer here is a guideline and a menu; a direction to point you in from where you can start your lighting journey. We bring you the best knowledge base that exists today, knowing that things will change and develop as we all move forward together.

Welcome to the Scynce of light! Please have fun, discover new things and research what applies best for you and your growing style….and ask a lot of questions!

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