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Twenty20 Mendocino

Scynce user for 4 years

Name: Twenty20 Mendocino (Adam, CEO)
Location: California, USA
Grow style: Cannabis Breeding - Greenhouse
Focus: Creating Unique Cultivars
Find us: or on IG @twenty20mendocino

Our story:

We have decades of breeding experience creating unique cultivars that have been crafted through years of scrupulous selective breeding. As a company our core philosophy revolves around a few key points: accessibility, transparency, quality, and heritage. On that note, we all need to learn to blaze our own trail. Breeding is a highly personal art-form that traditionally has a unique signature style influenced by region, culture, and personality. Unfortunately, capitalism is pushing aside many of the true artisan breeders while seed makers inundate the industry and produce seeds with no personalized style or uniqueness while breaking most of the traditional unwritten rules and ethics of breeding. We are committed to holding steadfast to the philosophies that have taken us to this point.

The Diff:

"Our core expertise is cannabis breeding and cultivation in mixed-light climate controlled greenhouses. One of our biggest challenges is juggling our standards with the whimsical and erratic nature of the recreational market. The unfortunate fact is that cannabis has become a commodity in CA; like a barrel of oil or a bushel of corn. It's important to maintain brand identity and never forget where you came from and what you believe in. These tenants are evident in the products we bring to the marketplace"

Why we chose Scynce LED

"We have been with Scynce since the "early days" and I am proud to say we are nearly running the entire product line. We have Raging Kales, Raging Kush's, LP250's. Dragon XL's and Dragon SL's. Our two companies share the same core values. We believe in producing a product with high quality and exceptional performance, we have strong customer service standards, and our R&D is data driven. These similarities led to a natural gravitation and the formation of an outstanding relationship."

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