Fireside Kush II


The Dragon Alpha


Scynce – Echo training


Cleaning Scynce LED Lights


1m Kush Timelapse


Underwater Wireless Tuning


Kush in the Pool


Raging Kale Production and Par Maps


Raging Kale in Production!


Raging Kale – newest member to the Scynce LED family


Scynce LED THEIA Intro Basic Tutorial


High Latitude Farms and Current Culture H2O most awesome grow room ever


Scynce Gonio Timelapse


Raging Kale – early stage growing LED light


Theia Walkthrough


Easy Wireless Setup


LEDs Don’t Work


Scynce LED Funny PROMO


Experion PAR clarification part 2


Experion PAR clarification part 1


Scynce LED Grow Lights Production Floor


Why PAR Meters Don’t Work With Scynce LED Grow Lights


Dragon XL Grow Lights in the Pool


Goniophotometer Testing Dragon XL600


Optics Matter Explanation part 2


Optics Matter Explanation part 1


Commercial Cannabis Veg & Clone Room LED Test Grow Medical


Applied Brillance


Optics Matter

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